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Press Articles

PC Magazine - NeatReceipts has hit on a great idea!
October 24th, 2005
"NeatReceipts has hit on a great idea: Turn your receipts into digital format, OCR them, create a text record for each, and use the records to print expense reports, and you'll no longer have to track the originals in all their assorted odd sizes."

"In our tests, NeatReceipts did a remarkably good job enhancing hard-to-read printed receipts to make them easily readable on-screen. OCR accuracy was limited, but given the faded condition of typical receipts, we were impressed that it worked at all. And the OCR technology yielded some of the most accurate results we've seen for scanning business cards."

read entire review here (links to



Wall Street Journal - Quick Fix: Scanning Business Cards
October 5th, 2005

"The Problem: It is too time consuming to manually input the contact information from business cards."

"The Solution: Several companies now offer business card scanners that plug into your computer's USB port. They scan the cards, then save contact names, company information and logos separately into a database on your computer."

"NeatReceipts makes a versatile scanner that also recognizes information on documents such as receipts and invoices. Its Professional level scanner, made for individuals and small businesses costs $230."

Good Housekeeping magazine- High Tech Kitchen Tools
September 14th, 2005

"Do you have weeks worth of receipts crammed into the kitchen drawer? Restore order with the NeatReceipts scanner and software combo ($229.95; 866-632-8732; "

"Not much bigger than a ruler, it scans documents and then files them for quick retrieval." - ... Accurate and Easy ...
June 4th, 2005

"According to the Federal Reserve Board, the average American family's savings are squeezed.Debt payments as a proportion of income are higher than ever."

" If your family is typical, consider this: One of the best ways to take control of your spending is to track where your money goes. A new computer add-on named NeatReceipts ( will help you do just that. I scanned a variety of receipts with NeatReceipts and found it to be accurate and easy."

read entire review here (links to

NBC King5 News, Seattle - Scanner battles the bane of business travel
May 9th, 2005

"Business travelers often come home with pockets full of receipts. They are the bane of any trip since it usually takes hours to sort them out and file your expense report."

" NeatReceipts can detect date, amount, store, even payment type. The information can be exported to popular finance programs like Quicken and Microsoft Money. And no more taping; it arranges the scanned images four to a page for printing."

read entire review here (links to, may require registration)

US News & World Report - Scan You Say 'Audit'?
May 2nd, 2005

"If filing your 2004 tax returns meant sorting through shoeboxes of wrinkled, faded receipts, you might want to consider a more organized alternative for next April 15th. NeatReceipts' combo of portable scanner and Windows software ($230-$280) does a good job of snapping what are essentially pictures of your receipts "

"The software then converts the dates and amounts into an editable database. You can find the scanner without the software for about $130, but that wouldn't be nearly so, uh, neat."

read entire review here (PDF, 364 KB)

Fortune magazine - Worthy Expense
April 31st, 2005

"Software makes expense reports easier."

" Like cleaning out a litter box, creating an expense report is a stinky chore that ought to be automated. Digital Business Processes, based in Philadelphia, has met that challenge with NeatReceipts, a scanner-and-software package that scans your receipts and turns the data into spreadsheets that you can then pour into your accounting program of choice."

read entire review here (links to - Got Receipts?
April 15th, 2005

"The packaging was top notch. You get a nicely designed package which protects your contents during shipping. The tutorial was thorough and contained detailed information in the Basics, Features, Customization, and Troubleshooting categories."

" If you want to manage your receipts electronically for a backup in case of disaster, to aide you in your tax preparation, or for easy expense reports then NeatReceipts is still the best option for you, but just make sure you double check all of your data after scanning your receipts. "

read entire review here (links to - ... makes it a pleasure to generate expense reports ...
March 28th, 2005

"This compact, intelligently designed sheet-fed scanner almost makes it a pleasure to generate expense reports and calculate itemized income tax deductions."

"NeatReceipts will help harried tax filers, business proprietors, and travelers quickly organize expenses with minimal typing."

read entire review here (PDF, 238 KB)

ABC News Cybershake - Don't drown in receipts, go digital !
March 26th, 2005

"And for millions of filers, that means going through a shoebox full of sales receipts for potential tax deductions — say, the cost of that new PC purchased used for the home business. But if you'd rather not wade through a sea of sales slips, a Philadelphia company is suggesting a simple solution: Don't drown. Go digital!

"It helps you convert the shoeboxes filled with receipts into a digital empire that helps you manage your life."

read entire review here (links to


The Seattle Times - Low cost scanner is now as essential as a printer
January 31st, 2005

"I just discovered another specialized portable scanning system that addresses a need to organize important information from small slips of paper. We all get those little paper receipts every time we use a credit card or make almost any kind of purchase."

"The SmartScan technology reads and recognizes key data from your receipt such as the transaction date, amount, payment type, vendor and expense category. The information is read directly from the scanned receipt and inserted directly into the software, and does so with a high degree of accuracy. You can use NeatReceipts for expense reporting, receipt management and expense tracking."

.read entire review here (links to

The New York Times - Keep Your Receipts in Order, and Keep Typing to a Minimum
January 20th, 2005

"Your computer can keep track of those tiny receipt slips you have been saving for your tax return or expense report if you type in the information. But there is an easier way to log the receipts into a computer."

read entire review here (links to - Drowning in receipts? Get this!
January 18th, 2005

"If you're like most small-to-medium sized business owners your receipts are "organized" in a shoebox or large manila envelope, and just the thought of sorting through them is enough to feel a migraine coming on. Well, chuck out the Tylenol, because help it's on its way."

read entire review here (PDF, 106 KB) - We hope we can expense this!
January 18th, 2005

User comments:

"Just bought it and love it ..."

"...Overall this product saves me a ton of time"

"Excellent organization, search and sort capabilities in the software. ..."

read entire review here (links to

International CES 2005- NeatReceipts wins the Newsmakers @ Showstoppers award
January 17th, 2005

NeatReceipts has received the Newsmakers Award @ ShowStoppers exhibition at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. The award heralds the launch of the most innovative and promising new products at the side show which is exclusive to introduce media to spotlighted products.

read more details here


Personal Real Estate Investor - From Shoebox to Simply Amazing! (Editor's Choice Award)
July 1st, 2004

"Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine likes NeatReceipts because of what it doesn't claim to do, by reducing the paperwork it raises the level of the investor involvement from tactical bookkeeping to working with real data and an accountant to gain strategic tax insight. This is potentially worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars."

read the entire review here (PDF, 862 KB)




TV Features


NBC's Today - What's in your handbag?
September 20th, 2005

"This is the neatest thing - it's called NeatReceipts. It's a scanner for your receipts, and it saves them to your computer. So, you don't have to carry around all those little pieces of paper that dirty up your bag"

"I think this is the most brilliant invention ever! So, it'll just take them in and organize it in for you too. In fact, it'll fill it out in terms of a real expense report ... so you don't have to do it any more."

view the video here (links to, requires Internet Explorer)

HGTV (Home & Garden Television) - NeatReceipts: I Want That!
September 8th, 2005

"NeatReceipts - I Want That!"

"NeatReceipts is a portable scanner and software system that reads key information from receipts and business cards and populates corresponding fields in a spreadsheet."

" Users can create and manage expense reports, get organized for tax preparation or export data into leading business software applications. NeatReceipts also scans and saves full 8.5 X 11 sheets of paper, making this the ideal tool to stay organized and clutter-free."

read entire review here (links to

NBC King5 News, Seattle - Scanner battles the bane of business travel
May 9th, 2005

"Business travelers often come home with pockets full of receipts. They are the bane of any trip since it usually takes hours to sort them out and file your expense report."

" NeatReceipts can detect date, amount, store, even payment type. The information can be exported to popular finance programs like Quicken and Microsoft Money. And no more taping; it arranges the scanned images four to a page for printing."

Eyewitness News on ABC - Don't send that receipt shoebox to your taxman this year.
March 26th, 2005

"The most famous gadget for taxes is the shoebox - where you put all your receipts. Instead I have brought a scanner, that can help you with your receipts. All you do is take your receipts, and put them through the machine. And it works really well! "

"Yes, the IRS absolutely accepts this. And I just put in a receipt from Starbucks, and it picks up the data right away. It doesn't pick up the data from handwritten receipts, but from printed receipts it does a really nice job."



Radio Interviews


ABC News Cybershake - Boss sending you on the road? Check out NeatReceipts!
March 26th, 2005

"When you're out of town on business and you get back, there's the work of tidying up those expenses. It'll convert your shoebox of receipts into a managable digital empire of expenses

"It'll take a 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper, just shove it in. It even categorizes many companies automatically!"

listen to entire feature (1 min, 0.8 MB, mp3 format)

Bloomberg Radio's Bootcamp- "Digitizing that pile of receipts "
March 22nd, 2005

"Probably the neatest thing about neat receipts is that we actually read information from the receipt so you don’t have to type it in ... So when it comes, during tax season, it helps you itemize various tax expenditures so you can get reimbursed by the government. Once you scan in that receipt, not only does it save a permanent copy onto your computer, but also reads valuable information expediting the data entry process…and overall saving you time."

listen to the entire interview (2 mins, 0.7 MB, mp3 format)

The David Lawrence Show - "I mean this is brilliant!"
January 20th, 2005

"Take this receipt, slide it thru the scanner and you're done. Because it dissects everything on the receipt, and puts it in the proper categories, and puts it in your accounting system. I mean this is brilliant!"

listen to the entire interview (17 mins, 8 MB, wma format)

Family Tech Show - A huge time saver for everybody
January 18th, 2005

"This is really a huge time-saver. And it's not just for businesses, it's for everybody!"

"As a family business, you guys work amazingly well"

listen to the entire interview (9 mins, 4.1 MB, wma format)

Radio KLAV 1230AM - Computer Outlook with John Lasiulo interviews Les and Rafi Spero
January 7th, 2005

"You know that you get so many variations of receipts out there? It recognizes all of them!"

"WOW. I have never seen a product see what you guys do, and I see a LOT of software!"

"That would've kept me much more up-to-date on my expense reports"

listen to the entire interview (14 mins, 2.4 MB, mp3 format)



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