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NeatReceipts Enterprise - an affordable, innovative expense report software package

NeatReceipts Enterprise is a revolutionary expense reporting solution for your small or medium sized company and will reduce T&E expense management costs by up to 80% in your organization.

Same great features as NeatReceipts Professional, plus:

  • Simple Deployment - Setting up and installing NeatReceipts Enterprise requires no IT staff, help desk or technical expertise! The NeatReceipts software installs itself with no information required and the NeatReceipts scanner is plug-and-play compatible with all computers running Windows.
  • Low per cost user, no recurring fees - NeatReceipts Enterprise is priced competitively and each user receives a color, portable scanner for scanning in their receipts and other documents.
  • Eliminates the use of paper from the entire expense reporting process - All expense report information and high-resolution digital copies of all paper receipts are embedded into the digital expense report. NeatReceipts will eliminate storage, mailing, photocopying and archiving paper expense reports and receipts and save your organization thousands of dollars.
  • Automatically creates expense reports from scanned receipts - The NeatReceipts expense report software package performs our patent-pending analysis on receipts and extracts all the important information including date, amount, vendor and expense type.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks – All the digital information can be easily exported to QuickBooks from within NeatReceipts. Our expense report software package can also export to Quicken, MS Money and most other major accounting software packages (via the IIF and CSV file formats).
  • Maps to Excel templates – If your organization already uses Microsoft Excel templates, NeatReceipts Enterprise will learn the template and appropriately export information into a format compatible for your company! NeatReceipts can also create expense reports in a variety of formats including PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML and CSV.
  • Built-in approval and administration system – Different classes of users (submitters and approvers) are automatically kept informed of pending or approved expense reports.
  • Simplifies auditing and verification – Each expense is shown next to a high resolution digital copy of the corresponding receipt. By making verification such a snap, NeatReceipts Enterprise reduces approval and auditing time by over 60%.
  • Accepted by IRS – NeatReceipts' digital receipts accepted by the IRS. Our expense report PC software stores the receipts in a secure digital format that is impossible to hack once the original receipt is scanned in.

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